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Donovan came in through the back door.

Blayne makes me feel safe. Even though he was poor, he was happy. I hope there will be minimal dead The company is running so well, it's unnerving. "We're almost out of food..." "She's gone to the store." "Who's she? The cat's mother?" Huizi asked Zhuangzi: "If you're not a fish, how do you know what fish enjoy?" Don't you think it a bad thing? Where is the snack machine? You both love each other, don't you?

Could we stay at your place for a few nights? Pieter does not have access to the database. Jenine is sleeping in his chair. I never thought you'd say something like that. Riding a horse is really thrilling. It always happens the same way. You always say the same thing. Can I talk now? Is that an objection? Take this medicine when you have a cold.

After death, the doctor. I'm so sorry for what I've done. Quite a few people were killed on the cold wave that hit this area. During a total eclipse, the Moon completely covers our view of the Sun.

There are twenty salespeople in the store. Would you mind making me a sandwich? Have you found the umbrella you said you had lost the other day?

You are too critical of others' shortcomings. So while Vasilissa grew each day more lovely and graceful, she was often miserable, and but for the little doll in her pocket, would have longed to leave the white world. It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed. I hope you find what you're looking for. I'm not so sure that was a good idea. Would you go mention that to Eddy? Stay a little longer.

I don't believe you. You're always telling lies.

Do you know how many people turned up at the dance last week? These apples are beginning to spoil. I thought we said tomorrow. I should have told you before. The door swung slowly on its creaking hinges. Get out of our way. We'll load the van. All of a sudden they stopped talking. Miriamne swims pretty well.

Many people were late for the concert. Few men know how to be old. Try and come up with a more reasonable excuse next time. You're going to hurt yourself. I need help. The holidays ended all too soon. Starbuck says that he's willing to help us paint our garage.

Nobody asked him. We met Mrs. Brown at the theater.

If you want to be a newspaperman, you have to be observant. That happened seventeen years before the Wright brothers flew for the first time. Vladislav never told us much about himself. I slept only two hours. No wonder I'm sleepy. We have a meeting. How about going to a movie? How many films did you watch yesterday?

How did you get to know about her? I don't think you did this by yourself. I'm going to catch a ride back home with Pim. I'm hoping to see them. Len is wearing a neck brace.

The moon emerged from behind the clouds. Hwa volunteered to go to Boston. I have breakfast at seven. When will I be able to talk to Judith? I'm afraid I have bad news. Who should I make this check out to? The room echoes with his voice. I have sore feet. I tried to save her.

You're egotistical. I never meet her without thinking of her dead mother. Go to the wine cellar and get a couple of bottles of wine.

Ji's dog started growling at Lukas. Give me a chance to make you proud of me. They sat on a park bench and began talking. He is after a better job.

He did it all out of kindness. Eugene's dress is drying in the sun.

Our stock of oil is running out. Do you guys know him? It's going really well. Exoplanets are planets that orbit other stars than the Sun. He almost convinced me. I feel like taking a day off tomorrow. I knew you'd know where to buy that. Give me a half-kilo of meat.

I don't know what came over me. She relied on a friend. You don't know him like I do. The quadriceps is made up of four muscles: the rectus femoris, the vastus medialis, the vastus intermedius and the vastus lateralis. I wouldn't have dreamed of it. I have made a mess. I never knew Meeks. Let's give Duke a hand. I did everything I was supposed to do. I think you need to eat more.

It's starting now. Eating too much may lead to sickness. Which side is winning this time? Tell David where we've gone. I don't believe a word Lin says. He suddenly noticed his wallet was missing. You deserve a long rest. Juha's youngest daughter is his favorite. I have to admit it's very tempting. My tears are cold.